As a child, Cheryl Ames, owner of Sweet Salvation Truffles, remembered her Grandmother's refusal to share her coveted Christmas box of chocolate covered cherries. Not to be denied, Cheryl became a confectionary prodigy and created truffles that put Grandmom's cherries to shame. But having a great heart, Cheryl shared her truffles with Grandmom and now will share them with you, too!
As Cheryl grew up, so did her techniques. Her passion progressed over the years through reading, participating in local confectionary courses and experimenting with ingredients/recipes. Family and Friends were never too far away on "Sample Day" and all work at her job ceased when the word got out that there were truffles in the break room!

As time went by, the idea of making this a profession starting turning from a dream to a reality. She found her truffles were at the center of a bidding war when she donated some to a Church auction. Whenever someone new tried her truffles, they would say' "These are great! You should go into business." So she did and started Sweet Salvation Truffles.... and that's some sweet stuff!


Sweet Salvation Truffles   610.220.4157
1016 Lancaster Ave Rear Lower Level, Berwyn PA 19312